The title was a warning - this post is not a super insightful, "let me think about the state of women in technology" post the way many of my posts tend to be. Instead, this is more of an update (and apology) about the blog and the direction of my life.

So, first, obligatory apologies for not updating in a while. I could name a thousand excuses (finals week, moving  750 miles away from home, applications for things), but the bottom line is that time is indeed an expensive resource.

Which brings me to my next point: summer! Okay, maybe that was a big jump. However, I have a lot of things going on this summer, one of them being undergraduate research in computer science. I'm currently at Washington University in St. Louis (AKA the castle in the image above) and I am learning to become an algorithms princess. I'll keep you posted on what exactly the research entails, but I have been learning cool concepts like submodularity, approximation algorithms, the set cover problem, Steiner trees... and how to ride the underground metro (there are only two lines). And it's only the official second day! (Coffee shops have also been located, in case you were as worried about code fuel as I was.)

In addition to doing some very cool research, I'm also participating in CodeU, a Google technical development program. Currently I'm learning how to develop mobile applications for Android and just finished up a round of technical exercises (which also help in becoming an algorithms princess).

So for now, that's me. However, there are new blog posts on the way regarding women in tech, learning, more tourist-y pictures of St. Louis. Here's to a summer of algorithms and castles!