Let me tell you what computer science is not. It is not a spider in the shower. Or jumping out of an airplane. It's not the monster under your bed. Think of any cliched phobia. Whatever you thought of, computer science is not that. It's not that.

So what's so scary about learning? If you've found your way here, you've probably considered learning some computer science - maybe you like math (or maybe your cliched phobia was math - keep reading), maybe you find computers magical, maybe you want to learn some programming because it's "marketable" or maybe you just want to be able to create your own web design without searching and searching and searching for the * just * right theme.

But if you've ever thought, "computer science is not for me", let me tell you - I took the time to write this post to tell you that learning computer science is not scary. There are those that say, "well, I'm just not good with computers!" and to those people I say - computer science is not the art of figuring out how to label that graph's axis in Excel. Computer science is not learning Microsoft Word. Language, logic, and a pinch of math: computer science is the discipline of creation.

And let me add one more thing - computer science is for everyone. Everyone uses computers (not just geeky gamer guys in glasses). So why not you?