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Turing Box: Analyzing the Behavior of AI Systems [paper]

Abstract: AI researchers employ not only the scientific method, but also methodology from mathematics and engineering. However, the use of the scientific method - specifically hypothesis testing - in...


Function Complexity of Graphical Pressing Sequence Enumeration

Abstract: Graphical pressing sequences have applications in computational phylogenetics: when the genes of two species are compared, the length of sequence reversals that transforms one species’s genes into...


Characterizing Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Applications in Autonomous Driving

Abstract: Current models of human drivers related to autonomous vehicles is insufficient. Often, autonomous driving algorithms model human drivers simply as as opaque moving obstacles without reward functions of their...

Ms. An: A Robot Teaching Assistant


Cooperative Set Function Optimization without Communication or Coordination [paper]

Abstract: We introduce a new model for cooperative agents that seek to optimize a common goal without communication or coordination. Given a universe of elements V, a set of...