My name is Blakeley H. Payne  (the "H." stands for "Hoffman"). I'm a graduate research assistant at the MIT Media Lab where I (a) study the biases of machine learning algorithms and (b) build tools for researches to study the behavior of AI systems in general. I hold a B.S. in mathematics and computer science from the University of South Carolina, where I was a founding member of the university's Women in Computing organization.

Before joining MIT, I conducted a breadth of research in fields such as human-robot interaction, multi-agent systems, and theory. I was very fortunate to spend the summer of 2017 at Adobe Research as a GEM fellow where I worked on various problems in computer vision.

Other interests include: ballroom dancing,  baking, listening to Broadway cast albums, writing poetry, and trying not to spend all of my graduate stipend on fancy coffees.


Here is a link to my CV